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Welcome to the Unona Basenjis' Home Page. I am not a dog trainer, nor am I an animal behaviorist (though I'd like to become one someday), I'm not a vet nor a vet's assistant. I have only been in "The Dog Show Game" for a very short time. I'm just a regular person who loves my dogs with a lot of time on my hands. Why am I telling you this? I don't remember.

Anyhoo...I've been around dogs since the day I was born. My mother showed Pomeranians and Samoyeds before I could even say those words. The only expertise I have to offer you, dear reader, is that of a lifetime of sharing good and bad times with the canine species. My dogs have given me unconditional love (the only kind they know how to give) and I have often been awestruck by the sheer wonder of the peculiar yet seemingly natural relationship between man and dog. Not all people feel the way I do about their dogs. I've seen and heard of many injustices and it tears my heart apart everytime.

I offer you this page in part as a fulfillment of a loving obligation to repay the faithful friendship I have gotten freely from all the dogs I have known. I believe that responsible pet ownerwship is not a phrase coined only for the owners of purebred dogs and it is this message I wish to spread to the internet community. If the messages contained in these pages and links reaches one person and makes a difference in the way they treat their pets, then I feel that this site has been a success.

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•Read Her Story [a.k.a The Story of Unona Basenjis] •Kewl Links
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I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about dog ownership,
and if I don't have the answer, well...I don't have the answer! :o)

To see the answers to questions other netheads have sent in, visit my No Bonz About It!!! web page. Here you will also find 'Canine Curiosities' that I have dug up from various places.

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